Knowledge of Domain and Hosting for Beginners.

What is domain?

A domain word is basically a name of websites digitally identity that permits users to access any website webpage easily. A domain name is simply a unique an IP address which people type into browser window or visits any of your website. Domain is like an area or place where website lives.

      Examples of domain

.com most popular one.                                                                                                               

.store use for or to create online shopping services websites.

.edu to create educational or study base websites.

.org registered by nonprofit or charity organizations.

.net popular for general or network purpose websites.

Domain and hosting

Types of Domain

Generic Top-level domains (gTLD) This is the highest level of domain It indicates the last part of the website address like .org, .edu, .gov, .com

Second-level domain (SLD) The domain data comes before top level domain (TLD) and also the part of domain comes before. (dot) like in “”, “google” is the second-level domain.

Sub domain or third-level domain This is the domain that comes first before main domain name from the left. It is not registered to anywhere. For example, “,” “blog” is the third-level domain. 


What is hosting?

You can also understand by the term “Hosting” the one who usually sets the location so everyone can visit. It is simply the one who make up the invitation location. It is also called as Web hosting. So, on web hosting you can drop or publish your website or blog where the users can visit by the internet.

Types of Hosting

Free Hosting   A hosting service without correlated costs or any payments. However, it also contains some criteria or may we say some restrictions like storage limitations, place advertisements on your blogs or websites, slow speed and less traffic. But is also a better choose if you’re on your beginning stage and don’t want to invest your money.

Shared Hosting   This type of hosting service your website is shared with many other different websites and these multiple websites share the same physical sever,and%20stores%20all%20your%20information.. As an example, we can say that it is also same as renting an apartment or a room in a building. It gives a website moderate traffic and also has benefits for small business because of the affordable cost, no need advanced technical skills.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting   This hosting offers more resources and storage, provides space or privacy on your website. It is also like renting an apartment or a room in a building but, also know that it is not same as shared hosting because you have your own virtual partition with committed resources like CPU, RAM, where your data store while living on the same physical server with customized environment. And no doubt you can more handle your customers. Good for running Ecommerce website.

Cloud Hosting   This hosting offers your website a big store on a rent. Instead of having all your website’s data stored on one physical server, its spread across multiple virtual servers connected through the internet. It also gives you a benefit like if your one server has an issue, your website switch quickly to another server to keep things run efficiently.   

Domain and hosting


How do domain and hosting work together for building a website?

Domain and hosting work together to make your website accessible on the internet. Following how they cooperate:

Domain Name   This is the human readable an IP address people type into their browsers to access your website. It’s like an address of your house. When someone types your domain name into their browser, the browser sends a request to a domain name system server which translates the domain name into an IP address. So, we can also say that it’s like someone finding your house by its address.

Hosting    Basically, hosting is like the land where your house sits and all the things inside it. Once the browser knows the IP address of your website, it sends a request to the server hosting your website content. Hosting is where are your website files such as HTML, CSS, images, and databases, are stored. The hosting server receives the request, retrieves the relevant files, and send them back to the user’s browsers, allowing them to view your website.

         So, in conclusion domain name guides people to your website, and hosting makes sure everything they need to see is there waiting for them, just like the house and its land working together to welcome guests and make your website easily accessible online.

How do I host my own Domain?

Get a domain name register Choose and buy your web address from companies like GoDaddy or Namecheap and Google Domains. After searching for an available domain name complete the registration process. Make sure to provide the correct information.

Setup your hosting   Sign up for a hosting plan and follow their instructions to create your account.

Put your website files online Use tools which are provided by hosting service to upload your website’s files. These may be images, text and code.

Check your website   After uploading your website, type your web address into browser to check if your site shows up accurate.

Keep an eye on your site Regularly check your site to make sure its working good.

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